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Teaching Assistant Policy

1. Introduction a) Teaching Assistants contribute to the learning and teaching environment at XJTLU by providing support to module leaders. Teaching Assistantships (funding available to pay such assistants) provide an opportunity for graduate student Read More

Policy on Consultancy

XJTLU academic staff may participate in outside professional commitments during the term of their appointment, as long as these commitments do not interfere with the performance of regular employment duties, or compete with coursework offered by XJTL Read More

Contract Research Policy

1. Definition of Contract Research a) Contract research is defined as research that is conducted with the support of a sponsor or purchaser who is external to the University. Contract research is normally associated with a well-defined objective and Read More

Policy on Publishing Past Exam Papers

The University wishes to ensure that all students have equal access to past examinations papers. Past examination papers are provided to the student as a study aid only. Students are cautioned that assessments will vary from year to year, depending o Read More

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