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Policy on Intellectual Property Rights

1. Introduction a) Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) are the legal rights associated with creative and intellectual effort. They apply to patents, copyright, know-how, trademarks, new plant varieties, designs and other types of IPRs recognized under Read More

XJTLU Policy on Research Integrity (西交利物浦大学科研诚信管理办法)

西交利物浦大学科研诚信管理办法 XJTLU Policy on Research Integrity   第一章总则 Chapter 1 General Rules 第一条 为加强我校科研诚信建设,提高相关责任主体的信用意识,规范科研行为,维护学校科研声誉, 促进我校科学研究活动的持续健康发展,根据中共中央办公厅国务院办公厅《关于进一步加强科研诚信 建设的若干意见》(厅字〔2018〕23号)、科技部等二十部门《科研诚信案件调查处理规则(试行)》(国科发监〔2019〕323号)、《科学技术活动违规 Read More

Policy on Consultancy

XJTLU academic staff may participate in outside professional commitments during the term of their appointment, as long as these commitments do not interfere with the performance of regular employment duties, or compete with coursework offered by XJTL Read More

XJTLU Administrative Policy on Governmental Funding for Research Projects (西交利物浦大学纵向科研项目经费管理办法)

第一章 总 则Chapter 1 General 第一条 为加强学校纵向科研项目经费管理,提高项目经费使用效益,更好地为科研工作服务,实现科研管理的科学化、程序化、规范化,根据《国务院关于进一步深化预算管理制度改革的意见》(国发〔2021〕5号),《国务院办公厅关于改革完善中央财政科研经费管理的若干意见》(国办发〔2021〕32号),《国家自然科学基金资助项目资金管理办法》(财教〔2021〕177号),《国家社会科学基金项目资金管理办法》(财教〔2021〕237号)等文件要求,结合我校实际,特制 Read More

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