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 Research Engagement and Innovation Office (REIO)

Contract Research Policy

1. Definition of Contract Research a) Contract research is defined as research that is conducted with the support of a sponsor or purchaser who is external to the University. Contract research is normally associated with a well-defined objective and ... Read More

Guidelines on Retrieval Certificate Service

西交利物浦大学知识产权信息服务中心检索证明服务指南 XJTLU INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY INFORMATION SERVICE CENTRE GUIDELINES ON RETRIEVAL CERTIFICATE SERVICE   简介 INTRODUCTION 1. 西交利物浦大学(以下简称“西浦”)知识产权信息服务中心依据《教育部科技查新工作站查新报告撰写规范》和《GB/T 32003-2015科技查新技术规范》的规定,有偿向用户提供检索证明服务。 In aligned... Read More

Non-full-time Research Assistant Administrative Policy (科研助理(非全职)管理办法)

科研助理(非全职)管理办法 NON-FULL-TIME RESEARCH ASSISTANT ADMINISTRATIVE POLICY 第一章 总 则 Chapter I - General Provisions 第一条 为加强学校科研队伍建设,规范科研助理(非全职)聘用及管理,进一步提升学校科技创新、服务社会的能力,根据教育部《高等学校科研助理管理办法(暂行)》(教技〔2010〕4号)、《国务院办公厅关于抓好赋予科研机构和人员更大自主权有关文件贯彻落实工作的通知》(国办发〔2018〕127 ... Read More

Policy on Consultancy

XJTLU academic staff may participate in outside professional commitments during the term of their appointment, as long as these commitments do not interfere with the performance of regular employment duties, or compete with coursework offered by XJTL... Read More

Policy on Intellectual Property Rights

1. Introduction a) Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) are the legal rights associated with creative and intellectual effort. They apply to patents, copyright, know-how, trademarks, new plant varieties, designs and other types of IPRs recognized under... Read More

XJTLU Regulation on Contract Research Projects (西交利物浦大学横向科研项目管理实施细则)

1. 总则 General Provisions 1.1. 为了促进西交利物浦大学(以下简称“西浦”)横向科研项目的科学化、规范化管理,以及鼓励和支持我校教学科研人员开发和承担横向科学研究项目(以下简称“横向科研项目”),加强与政府机关、企事业单位、社会团体和国(境)外机构(以下简称“合作方”)的横向科研合作,全面提升我校科研竞争力和社会服务能力,特制定本实施细则。 1.1. The regulation is developed to: • Promote the scientific an... Read More