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Policy on Terms of University Research Institutes and University Research Centres


1. The University or XJTLU is Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University
2. URI is University Research Institute
3. URC is University Research Centre
4. VPAA is Vice President Academic Affairs
5. SMT is the senior management team of XJTLU.


6. This policy applies to any existing or proposed University level organisational unit within the University whose primary activity is research and whose name includes the word ‘Institute’ or ‘Centre’.

7. Research Institutes and Centres which receive external research funding are subject to any governance, reporting and compliance provisions that are a condition of the external funding, as well as this policy and other University policies.

8. This policy does not cover Institutes and Centres established within academic departments or clusters, under government programs or by agreement with external funding entities.


1. In general case, the term for URI is three years, and the term for URC is three years. The URI and URC may have different length of term, with agreement of VPAA.

2. Approval of SMT, is required for the establishment of a new URI and URC. Approval of VPAA, is required for the renewal of existing URI and URC.

3. The term for the Director of an URI or URC is the same as the term of corresponding URI or URC. The term for the director is renewable. However, a director can serve no more than five consecutive terms. The director may apply for a fourth term after three consecutive terms, if special reasons can be made to VPAA, followed by approval given by VPAA.

4. URI and URC will be reviewed in the final year of their term or at a time determined by the AVP-R&I, or by VPAA. In non-review years, the URI and URC must provide a report to AVP-R&I.

5. The director of URI or URC can designate deputy directors of URI or URC, with approval of dean of research and graduate studies.


(Last Review Date: 18-Aug-2023)

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