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Visiting Research Student Policy


There are a limited number of instances when it would be to the benefit of XJTLU to permit students currently registered at other universities to engage in research at XJTLU using XJTLU research facilities. These might include students at other universities who are engaged in research in a field of interest to a XJTLU staff member or a student who is doing a laboratory rotation as part of a larger research study or grant. Such students can be appointed as Visiting Research Students.

A Visiting Research Student must have a sponsor at the academic department/school. Any XJTLU academic staff member may sponsor a Visiting Research Student, however they must be mindful of the need to place primary emphasis on providing research opportunities and supervision to XJTLU students, and that the sponsored research must be of benefit to XJTLU as well as the visiting student.

This policy is to ensure that students are identified for purposes of access to university facilities, that they are appropriately mentored and that the department has ensured that any costs associated with the student’s research are funded from external sources.


A Visiting Research Student is defined as a student who is registered with and engaged in research at another university in China or abroad, and is visiting XJTLU to conduct research under the supervision of an XJTLU academic staff member.

Visiting Research Students are typically doctoral students, but could also include MPhil students and students studying at undergraduate or postgraduate taught level who are undertaking research as part of their degree.


This policy applies to visiting students who attend the University for the main purpose of undertaking research.

This policy does not apply to visiting taught students who attend the University for the main purpose of completing taught modules.

This policy does not apply to short-term student visitors who visit XJTLU for a shorter period of time (less than one month) for the main purpose of participating in academic activities such as conferences, seminars, workshops and short-term projects (See Protocol for Short- Term Student Visitors).

Duration of Visit and Attendance

The normal visiting term is 1-6 months, and the maximum term is one year. This may not be renewed beyond the initial year, unless there is a compelling reason for extension put forward by the sponsoring department/school. Any request for extension requires for review and approval by the Academic Director, Graduate School.

Visiting research students are expected to undertake research on a full-time basis.


Applications should be made using the prescribed form (Appendix), and submitted to the Graduate School.

Students must provide:

  • A letter of permission from their home university that verifies their registration status at their home university during the whole of the term of the visit;
  • Evidence of English-language capabilities sufficient for their activities on campus;
  • Evidence of health insurance coverage;
  • For international students, appropriate visa for study in China (university will provide support in gaining this visa);

Department must provide evidence that:

  • The Department’s research activity will be enhanced through hosting this student;
  • Student will be appropriately mentored;
  • Costs related to the student’s research activity are covered by research grants or contracts, or by external sources, including home institution and student self-funding.

All appointments must be approved by the Head of the hosting department and by the Academic Director, Graduate School.

Registration and Support

The Department and the Graduate School provide support to the registration process, in collaboration with the Registry and X-Global.

Visiting research students

  • will be registered in the University student record system
  • will not receive an academic transcript, but will be entitled to an official letter as proof of their time at the university, upon conclusion of their term
  • will have access to IT services and Library Services at XJTLU;
  • will not have access to University of Liverpool student and Library services;
  • may not register on credit-bearing modules on campus;
  • may not be full-time staff at the university;
  • may not participate as teaching assistants, except through an explicit engagement process, in accordance with the University teaching assistant policy;
  • may be paid as research assistants according to university policy, and for international students, in compliance with China’s immigration regulations and policies;

A student’s registration may be cancelled at any time by the university, where there is evidence that they are no longer on campus, or they have not conformed to university policies and procedures.

International Students Requiring a Visa

For students who require a visa to conduct research at the University, X-Global will provide advice and support in gaining the visa though it is the responsibility of the Visiting Research Student to ensure that he/she has obtained the appropriate visa (X visa). Students on tourist visa are not permitted to register as Visiting Research Student with XJTLU.

Passport and visa must be presented to the University upon registration to confirm students’ immigration permission to visit the University.

(Last review date: 26-May-2020)


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