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Guidelines for Using Student Work

Instructors often use the assessed and non-assessed items of students for learning and teaching purposes. Such work can serve as concrete examples of module learning. The Undergraduate Student Handbook informs students of this fact:

You should be aware that instructors might use your coursework for education purposes. Instructors sometimes use past student work to illustrate both positive and negative examples of academic quality. In such instances, the module instructor is expected to take steps to keep your identity confidential and anonymous.

Please note that these guidelines do not cover instances (e.g. research), where the usage of student work would be reviewed by the University Research Ethics Review Panel.

These guidelines are not intended to apply to student work that are used for display or exhibition purposes (such as in Architecture or Urban Planning & Design); the current best practice of allowing students to “opt out” will continue.

The University urges instructors to be conscious of the following points:


1. Use of Student Work

a) Portions of student work can be reproduced by the instructor for learning and teaching purposes in order to enhance student learning outcomes.

b) Instructors can reproduce up to 250 words or 20% of the work.

c) As a best practice, the University recommends that instructors inform students that they can “opt out” of having their works reproduced. Students who wish to “opt out” should inform their instructors in writing prior to the submission of an assignment.


2. Confidentiality

a) The dissemination of reproduced student work should only occur within the department(s) under which a module was listed.

b) Module Instructors are expected to take steps to ensure student confidentiality and anonymity. Instructors should:

  1. Remove information on the work that could directly identify individual students. Student names and ID numbers should not be reproduced.
  2. Be mindful of any indirect evidence in a work that could be traced to a specific student (e.g. reference to growing up in a specific country or area, when few XJTLU students are from that area).

(Last review date: 18-Aug-2023)

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