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Guideline on Getting Published with XJTLU Library Open Access Publishing Agreements


1. Open access (OA) refers to a publishing model that allows free and unrestricted online access to publications: to read, download and re-use, with a Creative Commons license.

2. Article Processing Charges (APCs) are often charged to authors by some publishers during the open access publication process. APCs are used in lieu of subscription fees that libraries and readers traditionally have paid to gain access to scholarly publications.

3. Open access publishing agreements, normally referred to as "open access agreements", "transformative agreements" or "read and publish agreements", are contracts signed by institutions and publishers to shift from a subscription-only payment model to one which covers both subscription payments and APCs. With open access publishing agreements, the eligible author of an institution may benefit from an APC waiver or APC discount.

4. Research Repository is a platform for collecting, preserving and sharing XJTLU publications. It archives journal articles, conference papers, books, etc.



5. Open access maximizes the dissemination and potential usage of research findings. By partaking in the global open-access movement, the University Library partners with publishers in Open Access Publishing Agreements that offer APC waivers and APC discounts for XJTLU staff. This guideline aims to detail the application principles and process of APC waiver and discount.



6. The guideline shall be carried out in conjunction with University policies and regulations referable to research ethics and OA funding.

7. XJTLU full-time staff who are the corresponding author of the paper are eligible to apply for the APC waiver or discount. XJTLU affiliation, address, and email must be used by the corresponding author at the time of paper acceptance.

8. The APC waiver or discount is only applicable to publication sources covered by XJTLU OA Publishing Agreements during the corresponding contact term (Check Library’s online guide Open Access for the latest XJTLU OA Publishing Agreements List).

9. For OA Publishing Agreements offer both APC waiver and discount, APC waiver will be granted first. After the APC waiver token is capped, APC discount will be distributed.

10. The APC waiver and discount will be prioritized for applicants who lack support from Research Development Fund, Research Enhancement Fund, or any external research funding.

11. By applying for the APC waiver or discount, the corresponding author agrees to deposit the paper and relevant research data in Research Repository.



12. After paper acceptance, applicants can apply for the APC waiver or discount by submitting the Application Form for XJTLU Library APC Waiver and Discount (Appendix II).

13. Library will review the application in three working days by checking the eligibility of the applicant and the availability of APC waiver and discount. The applicant will receive the feedback as “Approved (APC waiver)”, “Approved (APC discount)”, or “Rejected” with justifications.

14. To activate the applied APC waiver or discount, the applicant shall follow the individual publisher’s OA publishing payment procedure through digital licensing services (Check Library’s online guide Open Access for more details), for example, RightsLink.


APPENDIX (you may download the attachments below)

I. Workflow for Getting Published with XJTLU Library APC Waiver and Discount
II. Application Form for XJTLU Library APC Waiver and Discount
III. Library’s Online Guide Open Access

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(Last review date: 15 Mar 2023)

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